My solid water makes deserts bloom

Philippe Ouaki di Giorno

France / Eauze
Innovation : Marketed / Broadcasted

Thanks to the revolutionary innovation from this agronomist, there is finally a way to keep the rain water at the roots of plants. It’s a naturally degradable product that has to be seen to be believed.           


Philippe is a humanist who uses his intuitive intelligence to better the planet. Several multinationals have tried in vain to purchase his innovation. He is now trusting Shamengo to enable what he calls his ‘green diamond’ to be used on a mass scale. 


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Actualités du pionnier

Shamengo round table on Polyter

11 February 2016
The first results of studies on Polyter were revealed at the round table organised by Shamengo on December 3, 2015 as part of the COP21. We were joined by our pioneer Philippe Ouaki Di Giorno, inventor of this natural water-retaining fertiliser.