I grow vegetables in the heart of the city

Mohamed Hage

Canada / Montréal
Innovation : Marketed / Broadcasted

Mohamed recently opened the largest urban greenhouse in the world. It’s the best way for city dwellers to have access to fresh vegetables, even in winter. A locavore’s dream! 


Mohamed is a big fan of vegetables and salads. It’s no wonder that, even during the shoot, he encouraged us to try fresh produce from his garden. 


Interact, support, talk !

  1. Robson Tavares
  2. Sonia BICHON
  3. Fernando Ramirez
  4. Aneta Glavier
  5. Aragão Maria das Graças
  6. Mauricio Huertas
  7. Mayola Zamacona
  8. Jean françois Bousquet
  9. Ibrahim Kamaté
  10. Abdorahmane AMEZIANE
  11. parnaz rasti
  12. Martin Schelcher
  13. Edouard Vaillant CM1/ CM2
  14. aurelien carrodano
    1. Margaux Shamengo
  15. aurelien carrodano
  16. Carole Foglia
    1. Margaux Shamengo
  17. Patricia Lardé
    1. Margaux Shamengo
    2. denis benoit
  18. Margaux Shamengo
    1. Jacques FELISAT
  19. Margaux Shamengo
  20. antoine jomand

Actualités du pionnier

Lufa farms expanding in Canada

21 October 2015
Business is booming for our pioneer Mohamed Hage and his urban greenhouses. Already well established in Montreal, expansion projects are in the works.