We started Homeless Man of the Year

Aline Mathilde Pelsers

Belgium / Bruxelles
Innovation : Marketed / Broadcasted
Light years away from the world of glitz and reality TV, this social nurse and her daughter decided to draw public attention to the homeless who had been in their care for 20 years. They created a competition that goes well beyond the selection of Homeless Man of the Year. 

Matilda and Aline’s home in Brussels looks like an auberge espagnole. Knocks at the door can be heard all day long, as those who find themselves living on the streets stop in to share a little of the warmth of this big, unconventional family. The relaxed atmosphere, shared beers and cigarettes, make it the ideal place to hear these men tell their stories and to understand what makes them want to be a part of the program dreamt up by this mother and daughter, who are filled with devotion, humanity and sincerity.

Interact, support, talk !

  1. Corine Vitry Goldman
  2. Elise Vanweydeveldt
    1. Margaux Shamengo

Actualités du pionnier

Street refrigerator for the homeless

14 January 2015
An outrageous initiative was launched last week in Schaerbeek, Belgium. Our two Belgian pioneers who created the Homeless Man of the Year (Mr. SDF) competition have created a new project aimed at ensuring adequate nutrition for the homeless and helping them to feel less alone: a street refrigerator.

Un frigo chaleureux

27 August 2014
Une action choc a vu le jour la semaine dernière à Evere, en Belgique. Nos deux pionnières belges – créatrices du concours Mr. SDF- ont lancé une nouvelle initiative permettant aux sans-abri de se nourrir et se sentir moins seuls grâce à un frigo urbain, placé dans la rue.