I fill up my tank with what you throw away

Esteban Chornet

Canada / Sherbrooke
Innovation : Marketed / Broadcasted

As surprising as it sounds, gasoline can be made from almost any of the garbage that ends up in landfills. Esteban is the first in the world to tap into this resource on a large-scale, and he has struck gold.


Esteban is an engaging entrepreneur who enjoys sharing his knowledge. His current work is the fruit of a long series of experiments that began with his father in 1940s Spain, searching for a solution to the energy shortage that paralysed the country at that time. That shows just how single-minded Esteban is!


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Actualités du pionnier

Green light for Esteban !

26 February 2014
Our pioneer’s company, Enerkem, has recently signed a partnership with Edmonton township in order to do what he does best: transforming our garbage into biofuel…