I transform milk bottles into designer lighting

Heath Nash

South Africa / Le Cap
Innovation : Marketed / Broadcasted
Heath never dreamed that one day his idea for recycling waste plastics, in this case the used milk bottles that are polluting South Africa, would become a source of inspiration for some of the hottest lighting designers in northern Europe.

Heath is a perfectionist and spends a lot of his time rooting through the garbage searching for the particular colours and textures that make his lamps so beautiful. He’s not afraid to get his hands dirty with spoiled milk, shampoo, soap, or whatever residue might be left in the bottles, before giving them a second life. 

Interact, support, talk !

  1. Serikbaeva Botagoz
    1. Meryam Shamengo
    2. Margaux Shamengo
  2. Aireen Aquino
    1. Margaux Shamengo

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