I’ve helped a million Filipinos out of extreme poverty

Tony Meloto

Philippines / Manille
Innovation : Marketed / Broadcasted
Tony likes to define himself as a radical optimist. When we learned that his efforts had already helped one million Filipinos out of abject poverty and that he planned to help another 5 million by 2024, without so much as a penny in his pocket, we were ready to follow in his footsteps and make his philosophy our own. 

Tony is a star in his country. Hence, it was a great honour to be able to spend several weeks with him to make his 2 minute portrait video as well as a longer version of 26 minutes. We hope that this first ever documentary  about his story will inspire a new generation of social entrepreneurs as much as we got inspired by this unforgettable encounter.

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Standing Ovation for Tony Meloto at le Havre!

3 October 2013
Tony Meloto was with us at the LH forum. Magical moment!