I opened an arts school for vulnerable children

Laurent Gachet et Touraya Bouabid

Morocco / paris
Innovation : Marketed / Broadcasted
Children love the circus. Why not use it to encourage them to go to school? This producer took on the challenge–and it’s allowed children in Salé on the outskirts of Rabat to shoot for the moon. Breathtaking.

Laurent is passionately absorbed in his project, which has already boasted thousands of participants. At times he needs some space to blow off steam. It’s easy to forgive his well-deserved stress when we see the beauty of the finished product.

Interact, support, talk !

  1. Rainhill Yan
  2. AlaeEddine AARAB
  3. Alexandra Palazzolo

Actualités du pionnier

Karacena 2014 on track

22 July 2014
Next month Morocco will see its fifth Biennial of circus and performing arts. The solidarity initiative started by Laurent Gachet and Touraya Bouabid is still booming.