I give people back their smiles

Tortel Poltrona

Worldwide / Barcelone
Innovation : Marketed / Broadcasted
This clown, one of the most celebrated in Spain, wanted to offer a few moments of happiness to uprooted children from around the world. He makes them laugh with his “Clowns Without Borders” association.

Great clowns are like great wines. The older they get, the better they are. Tortel is a performer who gives the best of himself, even in retirement. Watching him, we felt all the wonder of being children again.

Interact, support, talk !

  1. sam Seltani

Actualités du pionnier

20 years of laughter!

22 December 2014
The Clowns Without Borders (CSF) organisation founded by our acrobatic pioneer Tortell Poltrona, celebrated its twentieth anniversary on December 20 with three birthday parties in Lille, Paris and Marseille.

“Clowns Sans Frontières”, 2014 winner of the Fondation Chirac

7 October 2014
The price “Culture pour la paix” (Culture for peace) of the Fondation Chirac was awarded this year to the organization “Clowns sans Frontières”. This award legitimates the action of this French association, celebrating its twentieth anniversary in November.

Clowns sans Frontières: Social Innovation prize winner!

27 August 2013
Pupils from high school ‘La Fontaine’ awarded the 2013 Social Innovation prize winner for our favorite clown!