I created a blanket coat for the homeless

Veronika Scott

USA / Detroit
Innovation : Marketed / Broadcasted
Veronika, a young designer, created a coat tailored to the needs of the homeless. It is manufactured in Detroit by an all-female workforce made up of women from difficult backgrounds. Social conscience pervades every aspect of this admirable project.

Detroit wears the scars of the financial crisis and a changing industry landscape. When we arrived in downtown, we felt like we had entered a ghost town or the film set of some post-apocalyptic tale of woe. It’s sad to think of how recently Detroit was a model of economic prosperity and abundance.

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Actualités du pionnier

Shamengo helps bring sleeping bag coat for the homeless to France

26 November 2014
A winter coat for the homeless that turns into a sleeping bag after dark: it’s the brainchild of American designer Veronika Scott. Thanks to the Shamengo network, this innovation is now coming to France.

Would racial segragation be at the heart of the Detroit crisis?

26 August 2013
Historian Thomas Sugrue talks about the origins of the city’s decline. Declaring itslef bankrupt last July has pushed the international community to wonder what went wrong.