I grow the packaging of the future

Eben Bayer

USA / Green Island
Innovation : Marketed / Broadcasted
This young engineer’s start-up is in the process of revolutionizing the global market for packaging with his low-tech, eco-friendly invention.

The average age of Ecovative employees is just 25. Jeans and tennis shoes are the workplace norm. Some workers wear rollerblades to get around the vast workshop, and some even stage impromptu hockey games during break times.

Interact, support, talk !

  1. Sonia BICHON
  2. Robin Sur
  3. Ibrahim Kamaté

Actualités du pionnier

Ecovative mushrooming to new heights!

13 April 2016
Ecovative, the company founded by our American pioneer Eben Bayer continues to grow. They’ve just opened a second plant in New York to increase production of their organic packing material and panels made from mushrooms.

The American Dream 2.0

7 January 2015
A big first for Shamengo pioneer Eben Bayer: he was among the names on Forbes’s popular ‘30 under 30’ list, released this week, outlining 30 innovators under 30. It’s a brilliant achievement that suggests the evolution of the American Dream.