My cooker lets nothing go to waste

Clément Shala

DRC / Kinshasa
Innovation : Marketed / Broadcasted
This engineer developed an electric cooker that runs on used batteries and coal residue, making it possible to cook almost for free all while reducing your carbon footprint.

Clément was very proud to take down the patent that hangs in a frame above his TV to give us a closer look. For him, it’s proof that good ideas for the planet can and should come from all the four corners of the world.

Interact, support, talk !

  1. Hervé Esambo
  2. Hervé Esambo
  3. Mathieu bru
  4. Virginie TREMSAL
  5. Eric Joel Ditutu
  6. Edouard Vaillant CM1/ CM2
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  24. Michaël Roy

Actualités du pionnier

Clément needs your support !

26 March 2014
Clément Shala, our Congolese pioneer who invented the electric brazier, saw hiw workshop burn last week… Show him your support to give him the strength to rebuild what’s been destroyed. Clément will be touched by your support. Please leave comments on his Shamengo page for him !

Clément’s brazier made optimal !

3 February 2014
In 2000, Clément was finishing his very first electro-brazier for his university final year project. Fifteen years later, it is such a local success that Clément has developed it to make it even better. He called us as soon as he finished to let us know…