My works exist in harmony with the natural world

Jim Denevan

Worldwide / Santa Cruz
Innovation : Marketed / Broadcasted
With his simple tools, this artist creates monumental works by tracing out perfectly geometrical forms in the sand. It’s a poetic reflection on time and the relationship of human beings to the natural world.

When Jim begins a work, he devotes himself for hours on end without stopping. We stayed at his side from dawn until dusk to film him working. The result: a souvenir in the form of spectacular sunburn.

Interact, support, talk !

Actualit├ęs du pionnier

Jim Denevan, field artist

17 June 2015
Our pioneer Jim Denevan is taking advantage of the good weather to develop, on the field, his international movement “Outstanding in the Field”. The concept is simple: reconnect people to the land, to food and to local producers through singular dining experiences.