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Animal welfare

    Discover the Shamengo pioneers who care for others!

    Lente Roode

    HOEDSPRUIT / South Africa
    I help cheetahs reproduce

    Cheetahs are dying out, not due to man-made causes but because of genetic defects. Lente, who lives in South Africa, adopted her first leopard at the age of 5, and is moving heaven and earth to save these cherished animals from extinction. Her long, hard work is paying off. 

    Prenons soin de nous informer !

    High-flying pioneer on the move to help birds

    6 May 2015
    Christian Moullec is still in 7th heaven, daily living the dream of human flight! This ornithologist’s initiative to support migrating birds has even attracted the attention of city government in China.

    Birds seek flight base

    24 December 2013
    Our high-flying pioneer Christian Moullec and his geese will soon no longer be to take off from the Tronquières airport in Cantal, France, thanks to a new European directive.