The Pioneers

Green light for Esteban !

26 February 2014
Our pioneer's company, Enerkem, has recently signed a partnership with Edmonton township in order to do what he does best: transforming our garbage into biofuel...
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Edmonton is the 6th biggest metropole in Canada. The township has asked our pioneer Esteban to implemant his technology into a bigger scale: into a city scale. As such, they have signed a partnership and built a sit- managed by Enerkem and financed by the city, so they can convert 100 000 tonnes of municipal waste into biofuel. 

Until now, the city recycled up to 60% of the waste. Thanks to Esteban, they hope to rise this figure by another 30% !

This is part of Edmonton’s environmental plan called ‘the way we green’. One thing is definit: we should all go in the same direction !