The Pioneers

Valerie’s latest designs highlight new ethic material…

30 January 2014
Hemp, natural silk, boiled wool, tencel... Say hello to tomorrow's new clothes material!
Creating with ethics Mots-clés : Ethical fashion

How to create without ruining our natural ressources? That was Valerie’s problematic when she started recycling paraglading, numerous in her native Haute Savoie, into glamourous evening dresses. 

Today, Valerie sets up a new challenge: to create an ethic fashion with new and unknown material. 

She started working with hemp, natural silk, boiled wool, and even tencel, a 100% natural made of bleeched-wool pulp. This fiber protects against bacterias, absorb humidity and even is isothermic!

If the materials change, Valerie’s style is unique: light, flowing and oh-so elegant dresses. 

We can only ask for more! 

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