The Pioneers

Anjou Olivier Cousin: the other AOC

02 October 2013
Because of Olivier's excentrical techniques, he had to leave in 1995 the Appellation d'Origine Controllé... He is forbidden as such to label his wine 'Vin d'Anjou', what he does, naturally.
Creating with ethics

Wanting to label and to categorize every part of our social and economical lives leads to the exclusion of people who might otherwse be legitimate to be labeled ‘organic’, ‘AOC’ etc.

Olivier is the example of this: from the Anjou countryside where he was born and bread, he developped an ethical, organic, and sustainanle agriculture.

In 1995, the AOC* members made clear that he wasn’t allowed to label is wine from Anjou, due his wine making techniques, seen as  excentrique and out of norm.

Today, almost twenty years later, the wine sector federation sues him for mistaking label.

We want to attest our support to Olivier and wish him luck.  


*AOC is the Appellation Origine Controllée, which controls wine’s origin and determines wether or not you can call it as such.