Villa Shamengo

Shamengo Villa Odyssey

08 March 2017
Silence, action !
Creating with ethics

The Shamengo team are headed back to the Ecole Supérieure du Digital and the Ecole de Condé in Bordeaux. Our academic partnership with these two schools gave us the chance earlier this year to see a number of ambitious student projects tackling the technical, functional and digital challenges of the future Shamengo Villa. For the 50 students divided into 11 teams, it was an opportunity to develop ideas such as a fab lab specialized in upcycling, a bistro where the consumer learns about eco-citizen actions or a virtual currency to facilitate socially responsible trade. In short, a whole series of new approaches to promote green and social innovation and to help the Shamengo Villa offer the best environment for raising awareness and sharing ideas in this field.

This new milestone in Shamengo’s history deserved to be remembered, and we returned on March 7th to the students in Bordeaux to have them explain to us, in front of the camera, how their projects were born and why they got involved.