Press review

Design thinking workshops

25 January 2017
Shamengo Villa
Creating with ethics Mots-cl├ęs : Civic action, Collaborative economy, Eco-design, Ethical fashion, Sustainable housing

Around 15 people took part in our first ever design thinking workshop, January 19 at Node in Bordeaux. The goal? Survey a panel of future users of the Shamengo Villa on their expectations about its architecture, uses and activities. The convivial and well-paced format of the workshop, designed by Sylvain Hatesse and Julien Maury, got people talking and helped us to dream up the craziest ideas to make this venue a living lab for the best of future technologies. We haven’t yet jumped over the moon, but we’ll be giving it another go on March 9th. So get in touch if you would like to take part in our 2nd design thinking workshop—hopefully it will be every bit as fun and inspiring as the first!