Villa Shamengo

Shamengo villa: urban architecture revolution

13 April 2016
According to disruptive technology researcher Chris Arkenberg, future cities will be built by drones, bacteria and 3D printers and modelled on plant architecture. His predictions in a recent article have us even more excited about the Shamengo Villa project.
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In the latest edition of the prestigious journal Fast Company, Chris Arkenberg, head of Research, Strategy and Communications for Orange Silicon Valley, presents a futuristic and uplifting vision. With the enormous scientific advances in robotics, synthetic biology and 3D printing, our urban architecture could take on a very different form from the rigid construction that we know today.

Like any complex ecosystem, cities are confronted with the need to achieve optimal efficiency with minimal impact on the limited resources of our planet. In Arkenberg’s vision, “Within a decade or so, the barriers between biology and technology will start to fall… Architecture will lose its formal rigidity, softening and flexing and getting closer to the life we see in plants”.

In the future, buildings could be designed on biological models. Our homes could be “printed” from sand or bio-synthetic materials, while bacterial construction allows us to imagine “growing” our own homes.

The technologies Arkenberg discusses are already being implemented, as evidenced by the projects of our Shamengo pioneers. While some have yet to scale up production, the majority have already passed this stage and are ready for increased demand!

Check out the full Arkenberg’s article