Press review

Join the laboratory of the New World

22 October 2015
Shamengo is flourishing, and our community continues to grow. For lasting change going forward, this initiative must bring together all the forces that make it so dynamic. Your Shamengo online platform is evolving to better meet your needs.
Creating with ethics

Members are now invited to create a profile, sharing their location and interests in relation to Shamengo themes. With the updated profiles, you’’ll be able to see the faces of other members of the community, and our new messaging tool will allow you get in touch directly.

This greater level of interactivity will also help to advance the innovative and inspiring projects you share on the platform.

You’re also invited to all new events!

You’re now able to receive weekly playlist videos, handpicked for the COP21. Our editors have selected and grouped together portraits of pioneers who offer innovative solutions to problems related to the climate.

From mid-October, take part in “Shamengo challenges” and be someone who makes a difference! We want you to participate in concrete actions organised by the Shamengo team and by our pioneers. For example, you’ll be able to participate in international events like the COP21.

In the “internships and jobs” section, you’ll find all of our employment offers, both internally and with our pioneers.

We count on your indulgence and your patience because the development of these tools is a work-in-progress, and new tools are on the way!

So whether you are a pioneer, a community, a school, a business or an individual, the Shamengo adventure can get underway at any level.

Become someone who makes a difference. Join the laboratory of the New World!