The Pioneers

When ducks fly to the rescue of rice

21 April 2015
To grow his organic rice in France’s Camargue region, Bernard Poujol uses an unusual technique: ducks in his rice fields eliminate the need for pesticides. He imported the idea from our Japanese pioneer Takao Furuno.
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After several years of experimentation with this Japanese method, Bernard was able to invite Takao to visit his farm to get his advice for adapting the technique to the local environment and to marketing his organic rice commercially.

This ancestral approach may seem easy to implement, but from a farming perspective it is highly complex. From an early age, ducklings help to promote the development of rice plants by feeding on the insects and weeds found in rice fields. In the process, the ducks produce a natural fertilizer. This cycle represents a major benefit to producers who can cut out both pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

Bernard Poujol is the first in Europe to use this technique, which imparts a unique flavour to his rice. His product has already acquired a good reputation among chefs: several kilos were ordered before the rice hit the market.