The Pioneers

Release of J. Kabuta’s book on Kasàlà

19 March 2015
Jean Kabuta, an inspiring Congolese preacher, shares his culture and his trans- generational heritage with his new book, Kasàlà: a school of wonder.
Caring for the mind and body Mots-clés : Psychological balance

Our pioneer Jean, whose work involves the renewal of practices that help to promote well being, is blurring the margins between theatre, stand-up and social dialogue.

Jean advocates two kinds of public speaking: either the public encomium of a person by others or public self-praise in which a person seeks to regain confidence in herself by reciting a text she’s written.

Celebrating others or oneself in public is not as easy as it seems, and it’s not an exercise in vanity. The purpose of this practice goes much deeper than a simple valorisation of the ego.

The book helps readers to practice Kasàlà daily to learn to accept emotions such as joy, doubt or wonder that promote the rebuilding of the self. It also teaches the practice of public oratory and personal flourishing through practical exercises and offers advice to those wishing to lead their own self-praise workshops.

To give you a first look at this little meditation on life, here is a poem from the book:

praise of self:

I am Lubuta Bênyì    Nocturnal bird

That keeps watch while other sleep

Source of inspiration for the poet and the philosopher.


My genealogy    is long

Son of Lucy    The primordial spark

Beneficial star    Prolix star

That gave birth to women and to men

That carried human life

To the four corners    of the earth

That’s not all  Lend me your ear

I delight in invoking  that memorable day

Sankara and Lumumba    Mandela and Obama

Cheik Anta Diop    Martin Luther King

Senghor and Césaire      beings of great nobility

That fertilise Africa  and the whole planet

And whose blood  flows through my veins


praise of other: 

I haven’t come alone

With me my sister my friend

From the country that invented philosophy

Descendant of Aristotle and Plato

Look how beautiful she is

An attic sculpture appears before us

Daughter of Homer the gifted bard

Author of superb works of praise

Called the Iliad and the Odyssey

Powerful, mysterious songs

That celebrate the greatness

Of men and of gods

My sister my friend you see

Is Catarina Koletsis