The Pioneers

Atrapaniebla: a heavenly brew

28 January 2015
Marco and Miguel Carcuro are producing a one-of-a-kind craft beer from the region of Coquimbo, Chile. It is made with water that has been harvested from clouds or fog using a water trap developed by our pioneer Carlos Espinosa.
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As children, these two agricultural engineers made use of a mist collection system during their holidays in a small fishing village. When they decided to start a brewery many years later, they discovered that the water available in their area was not suitable for the manufacture of beer. It was then they remembered this low-cost technology for producing pure water.

Less concentrated in carbon, sulfate and nitrate, the quality of water mist is significantly better than that of drinking water. This heavenly beer is available in two varieties.

Two Atrapaniebla breweries are currently up and running, capturing 1000 litres of water per week, which enables the production of up to 500 litres of beer. The Carcuro brothers have plans to expand production to reach 11,000 bottles per month. Cheers!