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Nubian vault honoured by the international community

10 December 2014
The Nubian Vault Association (AVN), founded by our pioneer Thomas Granier, will receive the "Momentum for Change" prize at the COP20 in Lima this week. This prominent international stage will bring visibility to a still little-known invention that has the potential to be adapted for use in many countries!
Creating with ethics Mots-clés : Sustainable housing

This year the prestigious “Momentum for Change” award is being bestowed on 12 innovative projects dealing with climate change that offer economic, social and environmental solutions. This award crowns the mission of AVN and the significant impact it has had on local populations. Thomas’s technique, inspired by ancient Egyptian building methods, gives the greatest possible number of people access to architecture that is adapted to local needs and resources and that unites aesthetics, utility and sustainability.
The main advantage of this practical and socially conscious innovation is its potential to be implemented on a national scale. Thanks to the affordable price and the simplicity of the construction technique, the association could grow its local clientele significantly.
This first award could be the beginning of a long adventure for Thomas, who, in the long term hopes to popularise his innovation across the whole of Africa.