The Pioneers

Valérie’s dresses in Geneva !

08 October 2014
As part of the Slow Design and Fashion Day 2014, our pioneer Valérie Pache presented several of her creations, including the Sun and Leaf dresses. Ethical fashion is on the rise!
Creating with ethics Mots-clés : Ethical fashion

The Slow Design and Fashion Day 2014, which took place on October 4 in Geneva, brought together the main actors in international ethical fashion. In the evening, the “Ethical Fashion Show” was filled with talents from this movement, who came to present their creations. Valérie Pache was among them, accompanied by her new dresses. Some had already been shown at the Shamengo 1000 Pioneers 2014 event.


On September 19, during a very special day, Valérie Pache was on stage wearing the Sun dress. Sabine Quindou, who sponsored her at this occasion, was wearing the Leaf dress. Seeing these creations on a podium at the Slow Design and Fashion Day demonstrates the success of our pioneer. Valérie has many projects going on, and it’s a deserved success for this passionate pioneer!