The Pioneers

“Clowns Sans Frontières”, 2014 winner of the Fondation Chirac

07 October 2014
The price "Culture pour la paix" (Culture for peace) of the Fondation Chirac was awarded this year to the organization "Clowns sans Frontières". This award legitimates the action of this French association, celebrating its twentieth anniversary in November.
Caring for others Mots-clés : Democracy/Human rights, Assistance/Children's rights

The organization “Clowns sans Frontières” (clowns without borders) was launched in 2004 by Antonin Maurel, following in the footsteps of “Payasos sin Fronteras”, created by our pioneer Tortel Poltrona. Members of this organization have been involved for almost 20 years in different countries, beside populations affected by war, poverty or exclusion. On average, they are 60 circus performers who are volunteering abroad to bring smiles to people affected by wars.


The Fondation Chirac, created in 2008, aims to act in favor of peace. The award attributed to Clowns sans Frontières honors individuals or institutions working for peace through arts and cultural programs. Tortel Poltrona’s initiative has paid off and is now recognized as necessary for the well-being of people affected by conflicts all around the world. Enough to put a smile on their face, and on ours by the same occasion.