Press review

French secondary school joins Shamengo action tank!

01 October 2014
Saint Joseph secondary school in Le Havre, France, is the first school to participate in the Shamengo action tank. This collaboration will raise funds to help the ‘Untouchables’ in India.
Caring for others

As part of the Positive Economy Forum (LH Forum), 40 students committed to a unique action tank in India to support the work of Bindeshwar Pathak. This Shamengo pioneer has installed over 54 million toilets in India, liberating the social caste of the ‘Untouchables’ from their demeaning work of cleaning excrement from antiquated toilets with their bare hands. More action-oriented than a think tank, the “action tank” aims to change things through concrete actions.

In December, the graduating class of the Institut Saint Joseph will host a week of fundraising by selling snacks and drinks throughout the school. Proceeds will fund the installation of Dr. Pathak’s “Sulahb” toilets for the greatest possible number of Untouchable families. Shamengo will be coordinating this intiative by connecting the students with Dr Pathak’s teams in India.


Catherine Berthillier presented the Shamengo project along with our pioneer’s innovation to an audience of over 1,000 people at the Forum. What better occasion to put our action tank in motion!