Shamengo Team

A 100% Eco-friendly fish-skin tannery

05 August 2014
Recycling fish skins is now trendy! Following in the footsteps of our two pioneers Angie Chatrakul and Stiven Kerestegian, a mother and daughter in France are now about to launch a fish-skin tannery in the Arcachon Bay.
Caring for the mind and body

Stiven recycles salmon skins; Angie tilapia skins. Marielle and Monique Philip plan to recycle sole, mullet and shark skins!


After having won the national APEC gold trophy for Women-Men equality, these two women will soon launch a 100% Eco-friendly chemical-free production line. From their tannery, they will sell their exotic leather to the luxury goods industry, and specifically to manufacturers of luxury yachts. And so in addition to fish populating the high seas, we’ll also see them lining seamen’s cabins!
Clever thinking!