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Neighbours helping neighbours

30 July 2014
With summer holidays underway, many people may be left on the sidelines, and your neighbours may be among them. Our pioneer Anatase Périfan has found a way to help: after the success of Neighbour Day, he’s promoting Neighbour Solidarity!
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You may have taken part in Neighbour Day, which aims to create solidarity between neighbours and develop a sense of belonging to a neighbourhood. Our pioneer Anatase Périfan is not one to rest on his laurels, so in 2009 he created Neighbour Solidarity. This association aims to develop a national mobilization campaign to bolster solidarity on the local level. This translates into small, everyday services that help others in your neighbourhood.


  This year the association, in partnership with Réunica, is launching the Summer of Neighbours campaign, which provides tools to help build solidarity with seniors or isolated people. Get involved in your neighbourhood to help make summer a celebration for everyone!