Shamengo Team

The “Shamengo slam”

10 July 2014
Vincent is a poet who's also a globetrotting entrepreneur. Avid of travels and beautiful rhymes, he had the idea to "slam" for Shamengo, with an underlying ecological and social message. Many thanks to him!
Caring for others

Here is the translation of the lyrics:

I dance flamenco, I sing Shamengo!

So sing a “let’s go” to the men and women who dare
Make something else, leave the status quo,
Carrying the flag until its apotheosis.


Sumptuous is the array, let’s launch a javelin
In the middle of the osmosis with an echo flame
I have one hand on the heart, far from their egos.
And the other in chorus, all born free and equal.


Each has its own level, can be a great hero,
By our actions and our prose, we all have a real gift.
See the ideals inspired by the videos.
Begin on a raft and end on an ocean liner.


1000 Allied pioneers who set foot in the stirrup,
7 billion teammates from a new world on the move on the chessboard.
I dance flamenco, I think Shamengo!
So sing a “let’s go”, is everyone ready?


Signed, A Human Odyssey
From the nothingness of goods to the ocean of good.
Because at the end of the story, we realize
The road is much longer than a tour of our world …

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