Shamengo Team

“Personifying Utopia”; the program designed to meet others, by the Terre du Ciel association

07 May 2014
From the 6th of July until the 30th of August 2014, our partners Terre du Ciel will organize weeks to take time and meet people in Franche-Comté. See, summer encounters aren't exclusive to teenagers!
Caring for the mind and body

Themed problematics or Qi Gong, yoga, dance or music workshop… This year, Terre du Ciel offers us to dive in the disovery of others, which often goes through the discovery of our own self… 

Pierre Rabhi, godfather of the program, said : “Personifiying utpoia is above all admit that a new being is in construction, a counscious and compassionate being”… A little sentence full of sense that fits perfectly to the association’s amibition. 


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