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Shamengo is proud to participate in the Global Compact !

02 April 2014
The Global Compact was launched in 2000 by the United Nations. It tries to get the companies to adopt social responsible attitudes. Shamengo just signed the compact... Rendez-vous in a year time for the first report !
Creating with ethics

The term ‘Global compact’ was first coined by Kofi Annan, then general secretary of the UN, in 2000. It is most of all the guarantee of the social responsibility of a company.

The Global Compact offers four themes on which the company comitts to work on: Human Rights, international work norms, environment and lastly, the fight against corruption. 

The Global Compact’s goals are simple: it is above all getting companies, NGO’s and the civilian society together around ten universal principles that engage with reinforcing companies’ societal responsibility, to promote and to spread out good practices. Each year, the companies are marked on the commitment they followed.

To this day, more than 1000 French companies have already signed the compact and are en route for sustainable development… And so are we ! Let’s meet next year for a report of all of our eco-friendly actions 🙂

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