What does Shamengo mean?

Shamengo is a neologism formed from the words Shaman, Men and Go.

The people we’ve met in our travels around the world tell us our name has a nice ring to it. We seem to encounter the same positive reaction in big cities, developing countries, mountaintop villages, the most remote forests of the Amazon and Africa, and on the paradise islands of the South Seas.

Shamengo evokes travel, a journey, the promise of a better world.

Shamengo is a name as well as a sign of belonging to a community.

I am Shamengo because I was born on this small, shared village called the Blue Planet. How old I am, what colour I am and how much I earn are immaterial.

I am Shamengo because I am participating in the construction of a new society. I am Shamengo because I believe in the positive development of a globalised world in which personal growth and economic development are tied to respect for others and the planet.

I am Shamengo because I use my power as a citizen, consumer, innovator, inventor and creator of (material and immaterial) wealth in the service of an ideal, one in which freedom of choice is guided by ethical commitment.  

I am a Shamengo pioneer, guide, messenger, fan, fairy or guardian angel.

Don’t we all have a little Shamengo in us?


Laurent Bignolas
Anne-Sophie Novel
Valérie Benaïm
Jérémy Ferrari
Marc-Olivier Fogiel
Violaine de la Bigne
Christophe Willem
Jose Carlos
Martha Delgado

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